Books for Freedom is run completely by volunteers. We appreciate your interest in helping out in some way. In order to continue aiding those countries most in need, specifically Afghanistan at this time, we need to raise money to send and transport books, collect the types of books most needed, and a skillful team to pull it all together!

If you wish to Donate Money
If you would like to volunteer
If you are an individual who would like to donate books
If you would like to organize a Book Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

Please send resumes to if you are interested in pursuing one of the following positions:

Fundraising Coordinator:
Assist Fundraising Chairman in pursuing possible means of raising funds. Involvement in writing grants, researching and approaching foundations, organizing fundraising events. Prior experience a plus but not required.

Site Administrator: Upload new pages and administer all aspects of the website. Work with Web Content Manager closely to keep the website updated regularly.

Web Content Manager: Write content for the website and work on continually updating. Research and explore ways of better serving visitors coming to the site in order to provide information about our organization in an easily understandable manner.

Press Manager: Responsible for all aspects of press management. Writing press releases, deciding when to put them out, and putting them on the wire. Prior experience necessary.

Book Drive Manager: Track and coordinate book drives working under the Book Committee Chairmanšs directions. The ability to coordinate details and good organizations skills are necessary.



Funds: Our number one sponsor, Dorsey Trailers, provided a very generous contribution, which got the organization off the ground. However, money continues to be our area of greatest need. Most of the money that we receive will be used for packaging and shipping books. We have spent roughly $17,000 so far, and the vast majority was spent on packaging and shipping. We expect that the second shipment will cost as much if not more to organize a nationwide contribution effort. We encourage money donations to defray this cost.

Please send checks to:

Books for Freedom
ATTN: Tasha Dolan
1111 Bayside Drive, Suite 100
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

You will receive a letter in response to your kind donation as a receipt.

If you wish to send any of your own books, we ask the following:
(a) Insure the books are within the below listed criteria.
These are important to insure we send books of the proper quality and type.

  • Published/printed in 1980 or later--which doesn't exclude a book, like Moby Dick, that was copywritten before 1980 as long as it was printed in 1980 or later

  • Has its front and back cover attached and in tact
    The information in the book is up-to-date (this should primarily apply to technical or medical manuals but may also apply elsewhere)

  • The type of book you have fits within one of the categories listed in the approved Book List (link to books list) In particular, we are seeking children's books, secondary education textbooks (K-12), and native language books (Arabic, Farsi, Pashto).

(b) Provide for us the following information about the books you can send:
    Number of books
    Brief description
    (no more than one sentence is necessary) of up to 2-3 books you'll be sending

(c) Provide for us the following contact information about yourself, which is important, not only to communicate, but to watch out for your package when it arrives.

    Your name
    Phone Number
    Email Address
Please send this information, along with any questions to

If you would like to organize a Book Drive:

Group Book Drives. If you have interest in sponsoring a book drive in your area, we can work with you at this time, if you live in the area of New York City; Los Angeles; or Elba, Alabama--or are willing to either (i) drive a U-Haul truck filled with your books to one of those areas or (ii) raise the funds to pay for shipping of your books to one of those areas. We unfortunately do not have the present ability to provide free shipping to people in other areas; however, if you would like to be on our waiting list, please let me know and we can get back in touch with you when we have more resources.

Please contact Book Committee Chairman,
Michael Whidden at to get involved in organizing a Book Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sort the books before sending them to Books for Freedom?
Yes. Sorting the books at this end will be helpful to the recipients in Kabul. If you have books that you wish to donate, please ask us for a list of categories and codes. We ask that you separate the books by category and mark each box with the appropriate code or codes.

How should the books be packed and shipped to Books for Freedom?
Books should be packed in a standard book box that most moving companies sell specifically for books. Each box should be packed to capacity with as little empty room as possible. Each box should be marked on the outside with the codes indicating the categories of books it contains.

When should I ship my books to Books for Freedom?
Please let us know if you expect to be able to donate books for the second shipment, and the approximate number of books. We would like you to hold the books until we are ready to send the next shipment. If this is not possible please contact Michael Whidden, Book Committee Chairman at and he will try to accommodate you.

Who will receive the books and how will they be used?
The first shipment of 20,000 books was sent to the National Library in Kabul, as well as to Kabul University, a childrenšs school in Kabul, and the Central Bank Governor at the Banking Institute. Although we have not made final arrangements for the second shipment, we expect we will send it to the same or similar recipients. We expect that generally the books will be used in libraries, for academic study and for professional reference as well as childrenšs schools.

Is free shipping available to Books for Freedom through MATS, other military resources, or any airlines, shipping companies, or trucking companies?
At this time, Books For Freedom is paying commercial rates to ship its book donations to Kabul. Packaging and shipping books continues to be our single greatest operating expense, and we encourage money donations to defray these costs. We are hopeful that we will be able to find a source of free (or reduced cost) shipping at some point in the future.